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Vacuum - Mind Your Mind - скачать mp3 бесплатно

 Информация: исполнитель: Vacuum;
песня: Mind Your Mind;
длительность: 3:47; размер: 5.36 Mb; битрейт: 197 kbps;
дата: 2008-10-15
; загрузил: mp3


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Текст песни Vacuum - Mind Your Mind:
Some kind of holy
I need an answer
It's confusing
They won't let you go

Some kind of Judas
Do you see clearly
Cut them out
Trust the one's that you know

They'll never know you well

They are one to need you
One to bleed you
One to kill your time

There is one inside you
One will free you
One will mind your mind

You're a miracle confined

Sometimes you're with me
I lift you up
I see light in the dark colored sky

Who be the holy
Who be the angel
Keep love close
And don't ever let go

They'll never know you well

One, you're a miracle confined
One, you're a miracle confined

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