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Plazma - Storm - скачать mp3 бесплатно

 Информация: исполнитель: Plazma;
песня: Storm;
длительность: 4:29; размер: 10.27 Mb; битрейт: 320 kbps;
дата: 2007-01-20
; загрузил: Yastreb


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Текст песни Plazma - Storm:
I’m feeling
Our wounded souls end up crying
It’s been getting light
Since we ended up trying
It’s alright it’s the life we have learned
And faced the point of no return
It’s the grip found in time
I needed this for the rest of my life

Babe good things have happened to me
And now you’re looking bloomy
Our love-worned lives go on

Storm blows itself out now
Comes a new day’s morning
Storm blows itself out now
Skies are clearing up
Storm blows itself out now
Comes a harmless morning
Storm blows itself out
Storm blows itself out now

I loved you
You’re my losses and gains
You made me feel
Ecstasy through the pains
The wall that we failed to break down
Can’t let us find a common ground
It’s the grip found in time
I needed this for the rest of my life

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